Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the term that is often used to describe paid search advertising. At Drozian Webworks we think that isn’t accurate. To us SEM should be the all-encompassing term for “search engine marketing” which includes both paid search and organic search. While the two components can be managed separately we recommend that DMOs use the same company for both services, since they are so closely tied together. At the very least, your paid search team and organic search team should be working very closely together.

Search Pay Per Click

As your SEM partner it is our job to be the steward of your PPC campaigns. We are charged with identifying keyword groups, ad groups and aligning the correct ad with the content on your site. As with all of our services, our SEM services are highly personalized to your needs. We work to have a deeper understanding of your products so we can more efficiently provide SEM recommendations and discover SEM strategies that will support your overall marketing goals.

Search Engine Optimization

There are many factors that work together to determine a web page’s ability to rank in the search results for any given keyword. Drozian Webworks uses a targeted approach to optimize key pages and keyword groups. We work through the pages of your site in groups to allow us to start evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy and adjust as we continue through the site. We work to align SEO efforts with the key goals of your marketing strategy. We look at top target markets and top “products” identified in your marketing strategy and match your site, content and optimization with these goals. 

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