An Officially Unofficial DMOs Google Analytics Guide

Events, Goals, Bounce Rate, Engagement, Sessions, Pageviews, Time on Page, Time on Site – What does it all mean???

Through our strategy work with clients we hear a lot of, “I wish I could understand how to use this”, “There just too much to Google Analytics, I can’t figure it out”, “This whole data thing is a real mystery”, “I wish data wasn’t so time consuming, I just don’t have time to work with it”. Many clients have taken a Google Analytics Workshop at a conference, watched a few online videos or even taken an in-person class through a training center but they still do not feel comfortable exploring the data. During our strategy, planning and analysis we dig through years of data and provide a lot of insight and recommendations and while this is an on-going process, there is still a need for the DMO to be able to understand and do their own data analysis.

We are such data FANATICS that we decided we want to start teaching you quick, easy and valuable tools to analyze your data to make better marketing decisions, every day. Unlike a typical course where you are looking at dummy data, we do the entire course with YOUR data. This is by no means a complete and extensive review of all the analytics features. Instead, it is a customized class in the Analytics modules we use every day to help our clients make decisions.

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