The world of data available to marketer today is enough to give any sane person a whopping headache. Since marketing was born, marketers have been required to meet goals: the dreaded ROI. In the DMO world, ROI has many more faces that the traditional we spend X and get Y in return, this makes the job of a DMO marketer just a little more complicated. Not to mention nearly every DMO in the country has more tasks than hands available to complete them.

Reporting and data analysis often get lost in the shuffle. We look at the big numbers. Did TOT increase? Did website traffic increase? How many hits did that campaign get? Those are relatively easy to get our hands on, stakeholders understand them and they do give a general idea of whether what you are doing is working. But what are we missing by not spending a little more time digging into the nitty-gritty of the available data.

We are taking data driven marketing strategy (or whatever fancy name you want to call it) to heart. We hope you will turn your data migraine over to our eager hands and let us become an integrated part of your marketing strategy. We take it in and use it to provide recommendations for site structure changes, navigation updates, content creation and usability updates. We even take it one step further and dive into your key products and target markets to help unravel what your visitors are really looking for.

We are weird, we love all things data. Let’s talk more about your marketing goals and how your data can help you achieve them.

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