Customer Relationship Management

Before we found our undying love for the tourism industry, we spent some long dark days in the world of the CRM giants SAP and Oracle. We couldn’t be happier to that the tourism industry shined it’s light and lead us out of the darkness, and we love that we can put that knowledge to good use for a much more fun and deserving industry. Welcome, Drozian CRM! A system built from the principles of the those leading the CRM industry but also with a unique understanding of the tourism industry’s goals and needs.

Drozian CRM allows bureaus to manage account data, track leads and maintain a consumer database with same flexibility and customization we provide with our CMS. Our number one goal is to give CVBs more time for marketing by reducing the time spent on data overhead. Let’s talk about how your sales team and stakeholders use your data and how we can help streamline that process.